TCS - Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

TCS are accredited stockists and maintainers of a great range of manufacturers, including Panasonic, Alcatel-Lucent, Atos Unifi (Siemens), Hybrex, Avaya, Samsung and more.

TCS are agnostic to nearly all Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which allows our customers to have the power of choice. What does that mean? TCS can work with just about any telco provider, so can provide an honest approach to get the most out of your businesses existing infrastructure. By not being influenced by a single telco provider, TCS can save your business money in the long-run and provide a solution that is best for your business. By reviewing existing hardware and giving an honest opinion on what is needed, TCS are able to honestly advise a client on the most cost-effective and efficient way to move forward.

To get the best result for a client, TCS will work with a client’s IT company to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal for the client.

Types of telephone systems:

An on-premise server manages all the phone systems on-site, and are suitable for all businesses, big and small. These servers allow for greater flexibility and functionality, and are fully agnostic, so can work with any telco provider. On-premise servers provide clients with long-term value, as they are owned and housed by the client. As TCS staff have multiple accreditations, training and licences, staff can work on current, legacy and new on-premise telephone systems.

Many businesses go down the track of a cloud system, because IT companies frequently recommended they do so. Often, this is because few IT people understand how to set up and maintain an on-premise system. Cloud-based systems have limited features and functionality and will only work with particular providers and carriers. However, for many businesses, they can be the best solution.

TCS can work on both on-premise and cloud systems, so if you are not sure if you’re getting the right information about your current telephone system’s capability, ask us and we will provide an honest approach to get the most out of your existing infrastructure.

A (very!) popular choice now, TCS can set up and maintain a remote worker/working from home system for all clients. For example, TCS can program the IP desk phone to work from home or call through the PC system for desktop calling to stop the reliance on mobile phones. TCS has been implementing remote worker/working from home solutions for years, so have appropriate systems and setups to work seamlessly for any business, small or large.

TCS - Wi-fi and Network Services

Wi-Fi and Network Services

At TCS, we provide our clients with a range of network solutions, including switching, data cabinet supply and installation, as well as Wi-Fi surveys, deployment, and maintenance.

TCS can also install hardware to give full Wi-Fi signals in areas of low mobile reception, such as shacks. This allows clients to work from anywhere with no disruption to their ability to work.

TCS can also provide site audits, site maps, and site plans, while also advising on how effective they will be.



Due to strong demand, the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems has grown. Because of this, TCS now specialise in both business and residential solutions.

By providing video surveillance options, both big and small, clients are able to rest assured that their employees, customers, assets, or homes are safe and secure.

TCS can provide clients with a range of IP-based CCTV solutions depending on their needs. With a range of products suited to a variety of needs and applications, TCS have a solution to meet our client’s requirements.

TCS - Data Services

Data Services

TCS are fortunate to have one of the most efficient data cablers in Tasmania, along with a range of in-house licensed cabling technicians.

By employing such qualified and experienced cabling technicians, TCS are able to offer a ‘no job too big or small’ service, including Cat6/6a data cabling and fibre optic.

The TCS experienced team review, plan and execute all data services, ensuring the best result for our clients.

TCS - Contracting


When local and mainland businesses are looking for reliable support and staff to get a job done right, they come to TCS.

By offering contracting services, TCS are able to provide site audits, costs and full end-to-end implementation. With an experienced project manager, TCS are dedicated to providing the best outcome for all involved by sending the right person with the right skill set to ensure the project is efficient and successful.

Contact TCS – they will understand the problem, and figure out how to fix it.